Pinnacle Booksales UK is a leading sales agency for independent publishers looking to sell their books into UK sales channels.

About Us

Pinnacle Booksales are a team of professional representatives with years of experience selling for leading UK publishers. David Segrue heads up the organisation and believes in continuing to have hands on sales experience. David sells to Head Office accounts such as Waterstones and WHSmith Travel, wholesalers including Gardners, Allsorted and Bookspeed. Bookshops including Daunt books, Toppings and Edinburgh Bookshop and more, Museums and Galleries across the UK and non-traditional accounts such as Urban Outfitters and Cass Art.

David believes that selling books to all levels of customers keeps him in touch with the market and allows him to use that knowledge when selling to each customer. First hand selling is vital in giving feedback to client publishers on both the state of the market, the latest trends and when advising on the packaging of books.

The agency has a friendly team of territory managers with years of experience with major publishing houses and extremely good reputations throughout the industry. Each territory manager calls on a wide variety of accounts from traditional independent bookshops to gift shops, local wholesalers, Museums and Galleries. Everyone at Pinnacle prides themselves on their product knowledge and customer relationships.

At Pinnacle Booksales UK we strive to offer all the feedback you need and advice you need to help make your publishing a success. The agency has a bespoke computerised sales system to present books in sales meetings, take orders and create a data base for each rep that is tailored to them and their customers.


DS David Segrue 07976 273225 London & Key Accounts
SP Steve Parkin 07795 313834 London Indies, South East, Essex, Suffolk
AM Anna Murphy 07825 701450 North and Scotland
DJ Debbie Jones 07950 621204 South West
IT Ian Tripp 07970 450162 Wales, Midlands, East Anglia
JD Jamie Denton South East Gift Accounts
HA Harriet Allen Special Sales


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